picture of Eli Dale

Eli Dale
Portland, Maine

picture of Jennifer Caven

Jennifer Caven
South Freeport,

In Mexico, so I've heard say--
Refrain:  A-wayy, Santyanno
There's many a charming senorita gay
Refrain:  All on the plains of Mexico

When I was young and in my prime
A-wayy, Santyanno
I'd court those pretty girls two at a time.
All on the plains of Mexico

Why do those pretty girls love me so?
A-wayy, Santyanno
Because I don't tell 'em all I know.
All on the plains of Mexico

Them gals is fine with their long black hair.
A-wayy, Santyanno
They'll rob you blind and strip you bare.
All on the plains of Mexico

(Lyrics drawn from Hugill's
Shanties from the Seven Seas
and elsewhere.)

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