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Many of the traditional and contemporary songs included here are based on the sailors' work songs, what became known as sea shanties. There are also some stevedore work songs, fo'c'sle ballads, ghostly songs, and even a set of pirate and wrecker songs.

The setting of some of these songs is in the Downeast area of Maine, New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. Other songs are set in the Pacific Northwest, the Southern Gulf Coast area, or elsewhere on the Seven Seas.

Several songs are based on the nautical poems of Cicely Fox Smith. Other composers include Bill Adams, Nelson Dale, Joseph Howe, John Masefield, Joe McGrath, Micki Perry, Andy M. Stewart, Jim Stewart, Frederick W. Wallace, and Bob Watson


Groups like ours owe a lot to the collectors of traditional sea songs: Stan Hugill, Joanna Colcord, James Carpenter, Frederick Pease Harlow, William Main Doerflinger, Cicely Fox Smith and many others. Without their hard work, the traditional songs of the sea would have died without a whisper. We also owe a debt to those who carry on this tradition by composing new songs of the sea, or those who adapt old nautical poems for singing. And finally we admire the many people who maintain and sail traditional tall ships, helping to keep the spirit of the Great Age of Sail alive in our own time.

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