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Outward Bound

Rolling Down to Sailortown

Look Out!

Roll & Go
Outward Bound

Randy Dandy-O

Lowlands Low

John Cherokee

Plains of Mexico

Bully in the Alley

Roll Down

Yangtse River Shanty

Sally Free & Easy

Spring Lightning & Thunder

Shallow Brown

Farewell to Nova Scotia

Blood-Red Roses

Fire Maringo

Pump Shanty


Saltpetre Shanty

Maid on the Shore

John Kanaka

One More Day

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Roll & Go
Rolling Down to Sailortown

Outward Bound

Paddy Lay Back

Running Down to Cuba

All Coiled Down (So Long)

Whiskey, Johnny

Fathom the Bowl

Gosport Nancy

Mariner's Compass


Paddy West


South Australia

All For Me Grog

West Indies Blues


Leave Her, Johnny

Outside Track

Port o' Dreams

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Roll & Go
Look Out!

Sail O Believer

Neptune's Daughter

Bound Away

A Ballad of John Silver

Mary L. MacKay


Haul Away Joe


The Salvage Men

Wreck of the Lady Washington

Marco Polo

Fisherman's Song

Mobile Bay

Rio Grande

Sugar in the Hold

Roll the Woodpile Down

Saturday Night at Sea

The Long Road Home

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